TIL how to override a git-commit date

TIL how to make championship Aeropress coffee

TIL about Almon Brown Strowger

TIL about neural networks

TIL what thromb- means

TIL about overfitting and feature regularization

TIL how to install Octave packages

TIL Octave Function Handle

TIL there's no way to get a list of all your AWS Resource Tags

TIL Multiclass Classification using the One-vs-all method

TIL about Logistic Regression

TIL how to work with upcoming posts in Jekyll

TIL how to escape Liquid template tags

TIL a better way to link Jekyll posts

TIL the normal equation method

TIL helm upgrade --atomic

TIL GitLab CD to deploy my Vue.js app

TIL about Multivariate Linear Regression

TIL of stdbuf

TIL how easy it is to build login with Auth0 and VueJS

TIL how to add math typesetting to Github Pages with KaTeX

TIL of the Identity Matrix

TIL about Concourse fly targets

TIL about bash's noclobber and a special redirection operator

TIL Gradient Descent

TIL Cost Functions

A new album from my favorite DJ

The state of US parking during COVID-19

On on-boarding

Identity is a Continuum

A poem

Michael Carducci presents: The Influential Engineer

On removing distractions

On creating vs managing

How to defeat procrastination

The Man in the Arena

How I Work

Ruthless Prioritization

Ray Tsang's tips & tricks for Docker

Servant Leadership


Apigee - Adapt or Die Conference

bb-scan: a utility to clone all Bitbucket repos

Serving Github Pages via HTTPS with CloudFlare

Migrating Git repositories

Custom domains w/GitHub Pages and Heroku



Create a bootable USB in OSX

Set IntelliJ author name in OS X Yosemite

Clear Docker of containers and images

Recover broken Grub2 install on RAID

Install Jenkins via Docker

Docker via Homebrew

Use for ActiveMQ web monitoring

OSX Proxy Pac Woes

Think WebKit won? Don't Blink.

Tip #3: Design everything you do


DIY: Indispensable goods

Oh, The Places You'll Go!

The Google Doodle

Thanks Wake!


Google Handwrite

Well, I guess I'm a psychopath then...

Well, I guess I'm a psychopath then...

Lawsuits filed over Zynga exec stock selloff - price will bounce back

Facebook charging for ad clicks from bots

Diamonds In The Rough

Purchasing lower quality hardware for your competitors

Framing competition

Flickr and poor DMCA system implementations

Google Syntax Highlighter: Wordpress TinyMCE strips out HTML tags and attributes as Author

Upgrade to MySQL 5.5 exposed horrible legacy code

Half measures: creating a single sign-on without a centralized authentication service

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