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Welcome back.

They say, as an artist, one is never really satisfied with their work. This couldn’t be more true. My website has been in a painful state of perpetual redesign for the better part of 4 years now. In that time, I’ve attempted 5 different designs with countless features. As I neared completion of each iteration, I found myself bored with the style, or desiring another feature or just general dissatisfaction with how things had turned out. If you know me, you know that left me with only one course of action: burn it all and start again. Over and over and over this happened. Meanwhile, my thoughts, lessons, projects and general life experiences of note passed by undocumented and unappreciated by all except me. Sure, I could just rely on the services of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. But I wanted -needed- more.

And so here we are again. For the 6th time in 4 years I’ll be starting fresh. Though this time, it’s different. Normally, I’m an obsessive planner. It’s a genetic thing I think. The reason all those previous designs and redesigns failed was because I planned out every little piece and then tried to bite off more than I could chew. It was that all-or-nothing approach that left me with nothing. But a recent recommitment to agile development methodologies (SCRUM in particular) in the workplace has now bled over into my personal work and life. I’m taking on smaller increments of work before unleashing them on the world.

The first step was obviously to get a working blog platform that I can build on installed and running on my host. My feature list is still the same as it was and is still just as daunting when looked at as a whole. And I’m sure the list will change, and features that I’ve previously done will need rework, but that’s the beauty of an agile development cycle. I’m not bound to this big anchor weighing me down.

What’s here, right now, may not be exactly what I want, but at least I’ve now started recording.

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