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Presenter: Michael Carducci


Reals skills to use on Monday

Understanding people - maslow’s hierachy of needs

Universal Principles of Influence

Law of Reciprocation

If you retreat from the situation, you lose. If you retreat in the sitiation, you win.

  • Dr. R. Cialidini

Motivated by scarcity

If you want to create a presuasive argument:


People are more likely to say yes when they see other people doing the same thing


People live up to what they write down


If an expert says it, it must be true!

Establishing expertise

Being liked

People prefer to say yes to those they know and like

You can’t win an argument

A person convinced against their will, will be of the same opinion still.

  • Dale Carnegie

Persons in an argument leave more convinced they’re right

Building Consensus - Pro Tips

  1. Begin in a friendly way
  2. Get the other person saying “Yes” immediately
    • Hey, you want to make sure we’re productive right?….Then ramp up questions to the one you want to ask.
  3. Dramatize your ideas
    • tell a story - don’t just stick to the data
    • demonstration trumps explanation
  4. Listen to other ideas - don’t contradict
    • at least hear the idea out
  5. Appeal to nobler motives
    • Resort to higher authority
    • Boss: “I like this idea, but it’s not up to me.”
    • Employee: “When you present this to them, you will give it your full support and recommendation, right?”
    • Boss: “Yeah, sure…”
  6. Don’t argue & criticize
  7. Try to honestly see things from other people’s perspective
  8. Admit when you’re wrong
    • no body cares
  9. Be a good listener
    • Ask more questions than statements


Real skills for Monday

DBA = “Don’t Bother Asking”

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