TIL how to override a git-commit date permalink

GIT_COMMITTER_DATE="Mon 11 May 2020 20:19:19 CDT" git commit --date "Mon 11 May 2020 20:19:19 CDT"

I forgot to commit and publish my post on Monday, TIL what thromb- means. So I cheated.

You can override or rewrite the date of your git commits. git-scm actually tracks two dates: one for when the change was authored and another when the change was committed. I overrode both when committing and publishing my change.

The important one, for my case, was the author date. That means supplying the --date option when executing the commit. By default, this value is pulled from system time.

To override the committer date, one needs to set the GIT_COMMITTTER_DATE environment variable when executing the commit. This value is also pulled from system time by default.

Both settings accept either RFC 2822 or ISO 8601 formatted datetime strings.

And so, I kept my streak aliveā€¦sort of.

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