Facebook charging for ad clicks from bots permalink

This news isn’t going to help their currently-nose-diving-faster-than-amelia-earhart stock price any. Ignoring the fact that Limited Run hasn’t provided any evidence of what’s going on yet, it sucks that Facebook is leaving it up to their customers to figure this out, then dispute after they get hit with a bill. In their updated IPO filing, they guesstimated that 5-6% - or approximately 40-50MM - of their Monthly Active Users (MAUs) at the time were fake accounts. But I wonder how much of Facebook’s overall traffic is a direct result of bots and click fraud?

UPDATE (2012-08-03): Facebook released an updated regulatory filing on Wednesday that estimated that 8.7% of their MAUs were either duplicates or essentially fake accounts. Given their current membership count of 955MM MAUs, means that approximately 83MM of them are fake. The bad news keeps rolling in for Facebook. Ouch.

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