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A person’s identity is defined as the totality of one’s self-construal, in which how one construes oneself in the present expresses the continuity between how one construes oneself as one was in the past and how one construes oneself as one aspires to be in the future

Uriel Weinreich

I am no longer a dog owner.

A big part of my identity is gone. What was a core part of my daily existence is no longer any part of my daily existence.

Before adopting Miles, I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “Are you prepared to fundamentally change your life? To orient all that you do to take care of this life before your own? To dedicate your life to this change until you’re 40 years old? Forty. That’s always the number I had in my head. I feel short changed by more than 5 years.

My identity was suddenly changed that day Miles came home. I was a better person. I am a better person. Because of Miles, I will become better still.

One and the same

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