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One year ago today, I adopted this adorable little American Staffordshire Terrier mix puppy.

Day 1

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t sure that I could afford a dog in terms of both sheer cost of ownership and responsibility. Aside from the adoption costs there’s vet fees when he manages to find a tennis ball to swallow in the 30 seconds I’m not watching him, there’s daycare, dog walking and boarding (wow are those expensive) for those times you can’t be home once every 5 or so hours, there’s new toys every now and then because he’ll either destroy them or get bored, there are city taxes and registration fees, and so many others. And my schedule now revolves around him - Hungover and want to sleep past 7a? Tough crap, he’s got to pee. Want to go out for happy hour after work? Too bad, he’s been waiting all day to play. Don’t want to keep walking? Fine, he’ll eat my couch instead. Want to go on an all day motorcycle ride? Sorry, he needs me.


But all that “trouble” is worth it. He’s gotten me working out again. I’m healthier than I’ve been in a long time. And because I’ve got to structure my life around his schedule, it means I need to keep my schedule in better order too. And he’s made me less stressed. At the end of every work day, I get to go home and take him on a long walk and to the dog park. Sitting there as I watch him run around sniffing butts, playing tug or keep away or fetch, or trying to bite the water that’s spraying out of the fountain - all of that just makes the rest of it melt away. There are no other concerns - not work, not relationships, not chores nor bills - just him and me.

I rescued him a year ago today, but he saved me, too.

So Tiny! Holy Stinkin' Cuteness Cuddle Puddle Born to Ride ![Cruisin’](images/IMG957672.jpg

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