Facebook charging for ad clicks from bots

This news isn’t going to help their currently-nose-diving-faster-than-amelia-earhart stock price any. Ignoring the fact that Limited Run hasn’t provided any evidence of what’s going on yet, it sucks that Facebook is leaving it up to their customers to figure this out, then dispute after they get hit with a bill. In their updated IPO filing, they guesstimated that 5-6% - or approximately 40-50MM - of their Monthly Active Users (MAUs) at the time were fake accounts. But I wonder how much of Facebook’s overall traffic is a direct result of bots and click fraud?

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Diamonds In The Rough

Hi Rob,

Recently, we came across your information and wanted to introduce our firm and an opportunity we are working on.

[Company Name Redacted] is a technical recruiting firm based in Chicago. Our client is a cloud-based solutions company who is passionate about cutting edge technology that delivers industry-leading enterprise solutions. Their team of super smart engineers with focus on cloud computing, is tackling the world’s most challenging tasks building highly scalable and available products.

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Purchasing lower quality hardware for your competitors

We told HP we needed better displays [for the Pre 3]. They’d come back and say, ‘Apple bought them all. Our suppliers tell us we need to build them a factory if we want the displays’ and they weren’t willing to put the billion dollars upfront to do that,” one source said. “The same thing happened with cameras. We’d pick a part, turns out Apple picked the same part. We were screwed left and right.

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Framing competition

An interesting exchange took place on Thursday, March 22, at the Yamaha press conference in Jerez after the presentation of the freshly painted, new Yamaha M1s. Lorenzo was asked if he still believed, as he had said several times earlier, that the 1000cc bikes were too fast.

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Flickr and poor DMCA system implementations

The developers at Flickr should know better than that. There’s no need to actually purge/delete the potentially copyright offending work and associated content. A simple flag that designates whether or not the content can be shown is all you need. That way in the event of a false DMCA claim like this, its easy to completely restore the value of the original posting.

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Google Syntax Highlighter: Wordpress TinyMCE strips out HTML tags and attributes as Author

UPDATE (7/12/2012 15:50): I’ve since switched from the Google Syntax Highlighter plugin to the SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin which doesn’t have this issue. I should note, this syntax highlighting is an anchor on the website. Disabling it speeds things up tremendously. It’ll have to be something I come back to address later.

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Upgrade to MySQL 5.5 exposed horrible legacy code

One of the applications we support at work is a tangled web of legacy code. (Aren’t they all?) It’s called Simplemerce and it’s made by Avetti. It’s been around since before I started at my current job, so we’re talking at least 5 years old now. I’m not saying its Avetti that’s to blame because I think there were outside contractors that came in and “customized” it to “fit” our needs. But it’s a fucking train wreck of a code base. Not only are their build-time properties, but those build time properties point to XML properties that contain nearly identical information - some of which is the database connection. If they don’t match up exactly, the application fails to start.

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Half measures: creating a single sign-on without a centralized authentication service

I was presented with an interesting problem at work a few weeks ago: allow a user to log into multiple applications at the same time. Sounds simple right? It’s called Single sign-on and it’s been done a million times.

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Welcome V6 0

layout: post title: “Welcome v6.0” date: 2011-12-06 categories: tech –

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